Looking for the perfect weekend getaway? Sunny Lake Sutherland Cabin is an excellent home base for you to explore Olympic National Park, Lake Crescent, La Push, Forks and coastal ocean beaches! Just 15 minutes west of Port Angeles.

About this space

Try to find a better lake anywhere in the world. It is our opinion (and see our reviews) that Lake Sutherland is the best lake in the world, and this cabin is on the best location of the Lake facing squarely South. By best lake, we measure water quality, temperature, natural with no dam and at the top of the water chain, appearance of the surroundings, and cut loose fun like being able to land seaplanes on Lake Sutherland, Jetskis, Ski Boats, swimming, fishing, etc. For those who wish to capture the essence of this unparalleled experience and share it with the world, considering the option to app erstellen lassen can be a game-changer. Creating an app dedicated to Lake Sutherland could offer visitors real-time insights, tips, and a community platform to enhance their stay. If you know of a better lake… tell me where and wherever it is in the world I’ll go check it out personally.

The main freestanding cabin is 2 stories with upstairs studio with kitchen, desk area, full amenities, king size bed, and a large foldout chair bed. The bottom floor is dock side and includes a bedroom with 1 single bed along with a bunk bed (top single, bottom is a double bed). Downstairs room and upstairs studio are not connected with an indoor stairway, only an outdoor stairway. Both rooms have windows that face straight out to the water.

This property has a large up-property private fenced area for off street secure parking for several cars . There are additional modernized trailers up-property for friends and special guests. (Beyond 6 people is an additional charge and let us know so we can help accommodate you).

A Ski Centurion or Malibu water ski boat with captain, standup jetskis, and waverunners are available for rent separately for water skiing, tubing, tearing up the water, and lake touring … if interested … please inquire in advance of your stay and reserve the equipment as they require either experience on your behalf and onsite training from us. If you are an active boater, and can pass the test, we sometimes rent the boat without captain. If you’re a water skier … we’ll ski with you if you like. We will wind you and your team up as far as you can go. We go harder than anyone on the lake. But, for safety reasons we need to know ahead of time what you would like to do and your skill level or we cannot accommodate rentals of equipment. Know that alcohol and water craft do not mix and alcohol and/or drug use is the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. We are not interested in renting gear to folks who are more interested in power drinking than power sports. You must demonstrate competence to rent the power gear. Not everyone gets approved to rent power gear … there is no guarantee of equipment that will be available or that you will qualify to rent it. Straight up. Powergear is under a completely separate contract and agreement from this AirBnB reservation and comes from McColl, LLC .

FISHING BOAT – A 12 foot 2 person Smoker Craft aluminum row boat is available at no charge. Great for fishing. Has a small 49 pound thrust electric motor that can send you around the whole lake. You should reserve ahead of time for us to have it ready for you and there is a small amount of training involved. Use only on calm days when there is no wind and life jackets area available .

A full wetsuit locker is available downstairs fully stocked with all sizes and types of wetsuits for you to use at no charge … shorty’s and full suits … lot’s of wetsuits and life jackets. Ask ahead if you want to know if we have your exact size … if we don’t have it … we’ll buy it for you and have it waiting here for you at no additional charge.

4 kayaks are available to you right on the water … and the kayaking is a lot of fun … especially right down to Indian Creek where you can kayak down and into the creek quite a long way which is all under a thick forest canopy … really really cool … my favorite part of the whole lake. There is an old rail road car bridge you can kayak under. Check the picture we have posted on this listing with son Ted at Indian Creek on the kayak … sweeeeeeet !

Beds: 1 King, 1 bunk bed ( 2 beds therefore ), 1 single, and 1 foldout chair – see the pictures and ask questions if you have any.

Hot Tub: We just fired up the hot tub and it’s clean, hot, and ready to go … check out the pictures of said tub. We change out the water for every guests … so unlike the others … you are treated to a premium experience … not a chemical bomb of sink pile swamp you sniff at wondering whether getting in is a good idea. We use the absolutely least amount of chlorine necessary … and if you want zero chlorine … and I’ll serve you up water your way like your own private bath.

Finally, the cabin is as isolated and private as possible given it is in fact right on the water with no houses directly adjacent on either side. Except for occasional use of the ski boat by the owner (and you can typically jump in the boat for a ride on those days) you are in complete private control of the dock, water front, and deck. Waking up in this cabin with the huge south facing glass windows is like … well … waking up in heaven … with a view of the lake and clear pristine forest as your view from bed. I personally feel guilty I have not shared this experience with more people. Very few cabins have this characteristic, almost all the other cabins have bedrooms stuffed in the back where when you wake up it looks like you could be in a hotel room in Cleveland staring at a parking lot of cars or a concrete wall.

There is a lengthy stairway of 96 steps connecting the upper parking lot (and upper trailers) to the lower water front cabin. Our 97 year old mother makes it up and down.

This heavenly waterfront site has a panoramic 150 degree view of Lake Sutherland . Experience the Pacific Northwest from a spacious dock – relax, enjoy, swim in clean water, and watch the eagles soar. Fishing is good with the best fish available being Kokanee Salmon of lengths up to 12-14 inches. If you’re curious about fishing … go to Youtube and enter “Lake Sutherland Kokanee” … you’ll see a great video there.

Guest access

You will have private and exclusive access to the entire on water lake cabin, decks, dock and water front. The property is completely fenced right down into the water, so no one can cross the water front. We have the largest private dock on the lake that can dock any size boat … pull your boat up and tie up. Know that the downstairs bedroom and upstairs studio are connected only through the outside staircase you can see on the main picture that is on the right side of the picture. For that purpose, this property may not be ideal for younger children … but also for that reason … is ideal for teenage children and for 2 couples the privacy and separation of 2 floors is good. You can see from the reviews that single couples appreciate the quietness and privacy of the property … sometimes A Teamers need a romantic quiet space too and this place delivers that also … nice sunsets and morning coffee … very private. There is nowhere I’d rather wake up with my significant other … straight up.

Other things to note

For the big hitters … we have sea plane service from Seattle, Lake Washington. Just head down to Lake Washington, and our professional flying friends and charter service will bring you right here to the dock. This cabin supports big dreams.

Kids can be negotiated … young kids not really … between 8 and 13 better. Send me a note and we’ll chat about it. We want everyone to be happy and safe. Some kids will have the time of their lives. We accommodate kids on a case by case prearrangement only.

Rental of any power gear like jet-skis requires a substantial cash or Ven-mo deposit.

This property is directly below / adjacent to Hwy 101 only 15 minutes west of Port Angeles so it has excellent access. We have a Bosch Level 2 – 30 Amp Electric Vehicle Charger in a covered car port available to you so you can drive out in an Electric Car if you like. If you have a Tesla … or any EV … bring it as we too own Tesla … wouldn’t be the same without it. The covered EV car port is your covered EV car port.

Upper studio is 24×17 feet, lower bedroom is 11×8 feet.

WiFi – this cabin has microwave enabled WiFi, which is the fastest available on Lake Sutherland (15Mbs down and 5 Mbs up) .

Also … be aware that Clean lake water cannot be taken for granted … many properties have either scummy duck/geese poop mud for lake front like at Maple Grove right in front of million $ properties where they have warning signs about the unclean water posted, or “Mallard Cove” where they have a duck and geese overpopulation problem ( no one has the guts to run them off so you end up with crap everywhere on the grass, on the beach, and right in front of your rental at those places … it’s disgusting & unhealthy ) … we have the best of both … clean water with a beach you can stand in … that drops off nicely into the lake to keep it all clean. Shallow water that drops off slowly attracts all kinds of problems … like ducks, geese, and swimmers itch (little worms that get under your skin) … not here ever at our delightful cabin. Look at the pictures … crystal clear water right in front of the cabin … practically drinking water quality. I personally swim, ski, and jetski in it as often as possible. Q: Why don’t others show you pictures of the water in front of their houses at the Lake on AirBNB ? A: Because most do not have the same crisp clean water that makes a stay at the lake so enjoyable and it would be embarrassing for them. Believe it !

If you are active duty military … please let us know so we can provide you with discounts of at least $100 a night or free run of the jetskis and additional access like early and late checkout to say “Thank You” for your service to our country.

This cabin packs a mighty punch. All goods worth price charged. The cost you pay here is justified by the work we put into the property. No one at Lake Sutherland works harder than us … and the pictures show that when you carefully compare this property to the other properties. If all you’re looking for is a public dock and a fishing pole, this might not be the right property for you. This is an active property that is constantly being improved.

We do get 4.5 stars on value … but it’s not like we’re even considering changing the price, lowering our offerings and Quality to get 5 stars on “Value”. Know that leaving the price where it is helps leave it open for those who are willing to pay up and offers better freedom and flexibility in our offering. We also provide a very high level of concierge service you see reflected in the reviews. We can all get 5 stars of value at Motel 6 … a clean comfortable room at the lowest price. I like Motel 6. But here we’re playing for keeps … the memories you’ll never want to forget.

I’m pretty sure God lives in one of the houses here at this lake … one of the reasons it’s so nice … Lake Sutherland – God’s Country. We are grateful we own this place, and gladly share it with others. We own 2 houses so it would be kinda stupid not to share this place. Be our guest ! Our guests occasionally invite us out to hang out with them, and when we can, we often accept.

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During your stay
We’ll interact with you as much as you prefer. Interaction is necessary to leverage and use the ski boat, jetskis, and waverunner … which again … are available under a separate agreement which must be agreed to in advance so we can schedule training and evaluate your skill level. No interaction is necessary for using kayaks. Total quiet privacy is an option and you’ll never see us … or sometimes we jump right in and ski and jetski with you side by side … whatever moves your needle.
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